Since 2007/2008 Lisa Monica Graf stands to me vigorously aside. Since that time again, together we have renewed and adapted a lot.

2010 new bedroom pieces of furniture flat raised ground floor

2010 renovation shower / WC flat raised ground floor

2011 railings balcony flat raised ground floor anew painted

2011 railings stair lilac on terrace anew straightened

2012/2013 plants on terrace

2013 New Mailbox

2013 railings access

2014 new hassocks flats 1st floor and raised ground floor

2014 bicycles at the possession of the holiday-makers provided

2014 stone garden on the north side invested

2015 new cushions seat group of flat raised ground floor

2015 base plates terrace anew well-balanced

2015 stair anew well-balanced

Many competent assistants

IMG 0128 DxO IMG 0132 DxO IMG 0135 DxOIMG 0137 DxO IMG 0144 DxO 

Also break and pleasure has his place over and over again!